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        Cleaning method of mechanical chain

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        Do not immerse the mechanical chain directly in strong acid and strong alkaline cleaners such as diesel, gasoline, kerosene, WD-40, degreaser, because the chain's inner ring bearing is injected with high viscosity oil. After washing off, it will make the inner ring dry, no matter how much low-viscosity chain oil is added afterwards, it has nothing to do.

        Proposed cleaning method

        Hot soapy water, hand sanitizer, an abandoned toothbrush or a stiffer brush can also be used, brush directly with water, the cleaning effect is not very good, and need to be dried after cleaning, otherwise it will rust.

        Special chain cleaners are generally imported products, which have good cleaning effect and smoothness. They are sold by professional car stores. They are only expensive, and Taobao is also sold. Cheers who have a good economic foundation can consider it.

        For metal powder, find a larger container, take a spoonful of it and rinse it with boiling water, remove the chain and put it in water to clean it with a harder brush.

        Advantages: It can easily clean the oil on the chain, and generally does not clean the butter in the inner ring. It is not irritating and does not hurt your hands. This is commonly used by mechanical masters to wash their hands. , Very safe. You can buy it at a larger hardware store.

        Mechanical chain

        Disadvantages: Since the auxiliary is water, it is necessary to dry or dry the chain after cleaning, which takes a long time.

        Cleaning the chain with metal powder is a common cleaning method I use. I personally feel that it works better. I recommend it to all car friends. If you have any objections to this cleaning method, you can comment widely. Cheers who often need to remove the chain for cleaning advocate a trick button, saving time and effort.

        Chain lubrication

        After each cleaning, scrubbing, or solvent cleaning of the chain, be sure to add smooth oil, and make sure that the chain is dry before adding smooth oil. First, smooth oil penetrates the chain bearing parts, and then it becomes thick or dry. This can indeed smooth the simple wear part of the chain (two joints on both sides). A good smooth oil initially feels like water, it simply penetrates, but after a while it will become sticky or dry, and it can play a lasting smooth effect.

        After the smooth oil is applied, use a dry cloth to scrub the excess oil on the chain to prevent the adhesion of dirt and dust. Before reinstalling the chain, remember to clean the joints of the chain to ensure that no dirt remains. After the chain is cleaned, you must add some smooth oil to the inside and outside of the joint shaft in order to deduct money during assembly tricks.

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